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Step one: Let us know what kind of instrument you are looking? Guitar or bass, number of strings, the tone you have in mind, vintage or modern body style, active or passive, and the features you like. We can recommend to you, the wood combination, electronics, hardware etc. to achieve the type of instrument you are aiming for.


Or you can fill out the quotation format, where you can choose al the materials and features that you like on your guitar or bass.


Step two: We send you a quotation and approximate delivery time. (Delivery time is approximate 3 months after placing the order, but this time may vary depending on the availability of some materials, we let you know upfront if we need extra time).

When placing the order we ask for a deposit worth 15% of the total value of the instrument.


The remaining 85% is to be paid before shipping.

Satisfaction guarantee

All Yanofsky instruments have a satisfaction guarantee policy, if you don´t like what you get, you can return it within one week of receiving the instrument, with a 100% refund. (You only pay for the shipping).

Number of strings
Neck joint
Number of frets
Fret size

Choose using the provided information in our wood section

Solid or Clear
Gloss or Satin

Choose from our list of suppliers

ETS Hardware           


Choose from our list of suppliers

Gemini Pickups
Active or Passive

Thank you very much!


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